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We conect musicians and record labels to big and influential independent playlist curators for organic music promotion.
As a creator, you don't just make music for yourself, you make music because you want fans to listen to you. For musicians, Tv promo is no longer as relevant as it used to be because everybody is now on youtube. Spotify and apple music is currently taking over radio as new age listeners now prefer streaming.
Every month there are millions of artist discoveries and most of these findings come from playlist placements. Record labels, music supervisors, tv sync agents, radio stations and deejays now depend on playlists to discover new music. If your aim is to get on these playlists,this ultimately means you need to submit your music to playlist curators in your genre. We have a very large curator network of 1500+ playlist curators with a combined reach of 100 million + listeners that accept our submission.
Over the years, we have created a special relationship with these curators and we can assure you that they will listen to your submission.

We are the only advanced music promotion company that routes curator replies to your personal inbox so that you can have unrestricted access to big spotify playlist curators for your current and future releases. Unlike our competitors we are not here to make you dependent on us, We are here to help you grow and solve your playlist pitching problems permanently.
Are we legit ? YES ! Read our reviews on google maps, android app store, apple app store,trustpilot, facebook and google.

After payment, Please submit your track




  • Let us use our advanced analytic system to research playlist curators in our network that have approved similar tracks in your genre.
  • Let our sales writers properly curate a custom pitch and submit your track to a targeted group of independent playlist curators in your genre
  • Let our email technicians route your campaign responses directly to your personal email address so you can connect directly with playlist curators
  • Our guarantee: Curators in our network will listen to your track and make placement decision asap.
  • Continuous pitching for 30 days with reminders - Guaranteed placement on at least 1-3 big playlists
  • See results in 3 - 5 days after campaign starts
  • After the campaign, We will give you emails, phone numbers, instagram usernames of big curators in your genre as additional bonus.
  • Detailed report after every campaign to see who added your song and their total reach/followers
  • All music genres accepted
  • Approved by spotify and apple terms of service. Zero risk campaign
  • Get free database of collaborative playlists and instructions on how to add your music to them included with every order as additional bonus.
  • 247 online and phone support
  • No Payola

If we like your track, we will add it to some of our in-house playlist for free .

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Dj Sultan

The Gore Boyz


After payment, Please submit your track






After payment, Please submit your track