Get 1000+ hyper-targeted fresh & active leads from any location
Get 1000+ hyper-targeted fresh & active leads from any location
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Get 1000+ hyper-targeted fresh & active leads from any location

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Get 1000+ Hyper-targeted, Fresh & Active Leads in your city 

Are you a business owner or musician? Are you having problems making sales? Have you tried social media marketing and adverts yet no sales?
If yes, the problem is not from your product, the problem is that you don't have hyper-targeted leads to market your product to.

If you want your conversion rates to soar, you need to know your target audience inside and out. You can do this by trawling through your customer's social media. By studying what they've said, liked, and shared, you'll get a deep understanding of how they think. Allowing you to market your product with laser precision and have your sales rate explode. This service is here to help you do just that!

We will individually analyze each of your prospects and get inside their heads. Letting you market your product in such a way that it'll seem like it comes straight from their dreams.

Stop wasting time on searching for customers - Order this service and let our advanced AI system hyper-target and scrape your customers by who they follow, what they like, hashtags they use, what they say on social media and websites. We have over 1500 data points to hyper target and cherry pick your customers within your city. The results are always amazing

Your final spreadsheet will include the following information 

*Lead name (verified)
*Lead business name (verified)
*Lead email (verified)
*Lead phone number with country code (verified)
*Lead instagram profile (verified)
*Lead location (verified)
*Lead business category (verified)
*Lead city (verified)
*Lead social popularity (verified)
& More


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