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Welcome to bestseller market. We are a group of highly skilled music professionals whose mission is to support musicians, artist managers, record labels, music publishers, music promoters and music agents to expose their creative talents and music to the world using effective strategy to outshine their competitors. 
We are based in maryland with offices in miami, sweden, china, lagos, mexico, london, los angeles and new york. We do most the background work for most of the successful record labels, publishers and artistes around the world. 
We have over 20 years experience in hyper-targeted music promotions and we have helped so many a-list record labels make millions. 

Are you an artist that has been turned down by promoters? Have you spent your life savings trying to promote your music but you are not getting the recognition you deserve? Are you looking for a platform that would expose you and your music to the world without the help of record labels, promoters, etc? If you are, then you are at the right place.

As a creator, you don't just make music for yourself, you make music because you want fans to listen to you. At the end of the day, that means you want your music on playlists. Every month there are millions of artist discoveries and most of these findings come from playlist placements. If your aim is to get on these playlists, then you need to send the playlist curator your song else how will they find your music ? . This ultimately means you need to submit your music to playlist curators in your genre.

unfortunately radio, deejays, presenters etc are not as relevant because spotify and apple music is the new world radio just like youtube is the new TV. In 2019, the most effective and cheapest way to get your music heard is by placing it on playlists with active listeners. When you do, most listeners of that playlist will automatically listen to your song thereby generating new fans and recurring income (its that simple). 
Do you know that you can still make thousands of dollars from your old songs on spotify or apple music ? All you have to do is pitch and add them to active playlists in your genre and watch your money flow in. We know how difficult it is for a musician to weed out the fraudulent playlist curators with fake followers. So we decided to make our playlist submission accessible to the public .
Music promotions is all about playlist placements. To get on these big playlists, you must submit your music to them.
We have a strong network of over 1500+ renowned playlist curators with a combined reach of 100 million active listeners that accept our submissions.

Get your song exposed to 1500+ big spotify and apple music playlists with over 100 million active listeners. Let us spice up your career over night 
  • Let us curate an industry standard placement pitch for your track.
  • Let us manually submit your track to our network of 1500 big playlist curators in your genre. 
  • Our Guarantee: Playlist curators will see your submission and listen to your music
  • All replies will go to your inbox
  • Continuous pitching for 30+ days
  • Get song reviews directly from playlist curators
  • Create lasting relationships with playlist curators
  • Full campaign reports
  • Proof of work
  • All genres accepted 
  • Worldwide coverage
  • 100% organic
We accept content from anyone from established artists to first-time producers. Obviously, we have quality control.

    Available on android and Apple music app store 





    We accept content from anyone from established artists to first-time producers. Obviously, we have quality control.
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