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Today’s music industry is powered by streaming services, and how they operate can dictate if an artist takes off or not. 

Services like Spotify and Apple Music are driven by algorithms that identify rising songs and artists, then boost them even further. However, getting that first bit of momentum is one of the biggest hurdles any artist faces. 

Many artists find difficulty in establishing their presence on streaming platforms, with the algorithms not recognising the potential in the music. They struggle to gain the attention and  promotion they deserve from expert playlist curators and lack the knowledge to know how to access new listeners.

But there are expert promotion and playlist submission services who are helping budding artists find success. is a company whose mission is to help artists make the most out of streaming services, using their expertise to bring new listeners to artist’s music, and turning them into fans.

One of the ways they do this is by utilising their broad array of playlists and curators, connecting up and coming artists with listeners on the lookout for fresh, new music. Not only does this translate into new streams and followers, but it kickstarts the organic growth that can trigger algorithmic streams, further increasing the number of listeners and followers, setting up the optimum conditions for future success. 

Bestseller market review playlists, submitting an artist’s song to hand-selected playlists which go out to genuine music lovers who are excited to be discovering the freshest new tunes. 

There are plenty of talented musicians looking to be connected to genuine music lovers, and even more listeners waiting to discover their new favourite artist. Best Seller Market is the music promotion service that can make it all happen.