If you want your conversion rates to explode, you need to know your target audience inside and out. You can do this by trawling through your customer's social media. By studying what they've said, liked, and shared, you'll get a deep understanding of how they think. Allowing you to market your product with laser precision and have your sales rate explode. This product is here to help you do just that !

We will individually analyze thousands of your prospects and get inside their heads. Letting us market your product in such a way that it'll seem like it comes straight from their dreams. After planning the perfect marketing strategy; we will contact them directly using their phone numbers, emails, and other forms of communication that we have sourced and verified.

  • Based on your product and location, we will research your customers via our advanced keyword analytic software.
  • Let us curate an emotional sales pitch that will bring customers to your store front.
  • We will give your leads enough reasons to like and trust your brand.
  • Let our email technicians deliver your email straight to the inbox of your customers.
  • All customer replies & questions will go to your inbox so you can connect directly with your new customers. 
  • Let us research all your customers on whatsapp and give you their whatsapp numbers & our whatsapp marketing software.
  • When your marketing campaign is in our hands, you will be able to free up time to focus on sales rather than wasting it rustling up leads.
  • We will give you emails, phone numbers, social media links and names of your target audience in a CSV spreadsheet format, allowing you to maintain direct contact with customers.
  • All information will be verified for a 100% delivery rate - Your emails and calls will never bounce again
  • We will handle all the sales writing, make the first contact with prospects, and then send the hot leads your way. 



Stop wasting time on marketing - Order today and focus your energy on sales. All you have to do is sell to your new and eager-to-buy customers.


1000 hyper-targeted & verified biz leads + inbox email blast - $49.00

10k hyper-targeted & verified biz leads + inbox email blast - $199.00

50k hyper-targeted & verified biz leads + inbox email blast - $399.00

100k hyper-targeted & verified biz leads + inbox email blast - $699.00

200k hyper-targeted & verified biz leads + inbox email blast - $999.00


Just sit back and wait on bank alerts :)




We hate Bots ! Only kids use Bots ! 

For more information contact us at: support@bestsellermarket.com