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Question: How do you get discovered as an artiste?
Answer: Via Playlist placements only ! and the best part is that this placements are FREE (unless you are required to pay a token by the curator).
Question: How do i get placed on playlists?
Answer: Simply by buying our list and contacting the curator asking him/her to add your music and if they like it, they will promote you for free or send you their requirement.
how cool is that?
You not just making music for yourself, you making music because you want to get heard by fans. which ultimately means you want to get your music on playlists.
There are billions of artiste discovery happening every month and most of these discoveries come from official apple music playlist curators playlists.
If your aim is to get on these playlists, then you are at the right place.
My name is Kelvin from Bestsellermarket , We are music promotions experts  based in United states. All our music clients have over 1 million str eams.

Today, We are offering you the June 2019 updated CSV contact list of official  APPLE MUSIC playlist curators.
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