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2019 Music Libraries And Music Licensing Companies Email List And Submission Links | Bestseller Market

One of the best revenue streams I've found for music comes from licensing. Licensing music for use in television, movies, ads, radio, video games, digital apps, websites, etc, gives you that much needed income so you can continue to finance your additional music goals.
So I guess the next question is, how do I get my music licensed for commercial use?

A ton of the music that you hear on television, ads, movies, or wherever comes from publishers and music libraries. They are all different in their markets but operate under the same principle. They have catalogs of music available for people in need of cleared music to license.

These places get their music from musicians and producers that send their tracks to them. It is a lot like applying to a job and every publisher does it a little different. Some you have to submit a demo and get approved before you're able to submit music. Others allow you to setup an account but your music is reviewed before it goes into the library. Some places are completely open and you can setup an account and have your music instantly available for licensing
Before you sign with any publisher or music library it is important to do a little research to make sure they are reputable and a good home for your music.

So without further ado,  order this product and get the emails and official submission links of the major music libraries in the world. 

3 steps to get your songs in music libraries
  1. Step 1: Get your music ready for licensing. 1) Choose three to five tracks from your catalog. ...
  2. Step 2: Research music libraries. Music libraries are just one of the many ways you can seek music licensing opportunities. 
  3. Step 3: Submit, submit, submit.

We have made the job alot easier for you. we have done all the research you would ever need to do and we came up with all premium music libraries that accept submissions directly from artistes and labels. 


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