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2019 music publishers film synchronization licensing agents email list | INSTANT DOWNLOAD


Hey guys, welcome to 2019 ! the year were everything was made easy. its now even easier for musicians to make millions without a record label.

Who we are:
We are called the "Bestseller Freelance Market" ,
We are based in Maryland with offices throughout the united states. We have worked and still work with alot of musicians you see on TV. We have all the music contacts you need to succeed in the music industry. we are here to help you

how does music work in 2019?
Artiste creates a good song according to mood (artiste also target a genre that has listeners), go to a professional to mix and master the song (dont be cheap!), get a VERY DOPE artwork on fiverr (Dont be cheap!) (inbox me for crazy designs), distribute your song via distrokid and finally send your song to playlist curators asking them to add on their playlists. its that simple.
Playlist is the new radio ! Its the new A&R ! thats where record labels go hunting.

To make even more money, all you have to do is email your song to sync and licensing agents and if they like your song, you will be made for life. 
One good placement can change your life as a musician.

Order this gig to get the direct contacts of the biggest sync and licensing agents and music supervisors worldwide.

Updated 06/01/2019

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