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Get 1000 Personalized Fresh & Active Music/Business Leads | Bestseller Market

Are you a a Musician or business owner? Are you having problems making sales? Have you tried social media marketing and adverts yet no sales?
If yes, the problem is not from your song or product, the problem is because you dont have targeted leads to market to.

The most successful companies on earth use email marketing .You must scrape, verify and contact new leads regularly to be in business.

The process of lead generation and verification is very complicated and can be very expensive but not to worry, we got our customers covered.

We will research, scrape and verify 1000 fresh and active leads for your business profit. When we say active, we mean very active. People who are very interested in whatever you are selling

imagine you sell food and your competitor has an account on Instagram with lots of followers .Guess what? We can help you scrape and verify the contact details of all your competitors followers so you can market your products to them directly.
These leads are already segmented based on their interest.

We will get you their names, emails, phone number , address, usernames, popularity etc in a csv segmented spreadsheet that you can upload directly on your crm, email or sms marketing software.

See gig photos for sample

on social media, people tend to post with the hashtags of things they are interested in . For example #bananalover #cheeselover etc

lets say you sell banana or cheese, we can get you the contact information of all the leads who recently posted or interacted with #bananalover or #cheeselover on instagram.

Let's say you sell sport wears, we can get you leads from top brands like @nike @addidas etc.
After scraping, we will clean, scrub and verify the list and guarantee less than 1% bounce .

For musicians, we will scrape contacts from your competitor, local hashtags or role model.

This is one of the most creative gigs on the internet. Your marketing problems solved.

Imagine all the money you can make with this gig. Order now and start making money from our leads.

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