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Although it feels good to have lots of followers on Instagram, did you know only 30% of your follows will ever see your content? This is because Instagram's algorithms only allow your posts to reach about 30% of your followers unless your content goes viral.
So how do you maximize your reach and hit all your follows? Simply by DM or mentions.
What are Instagram mentions?
An Instagram mention is when a user is tagged in a post using the @ symbol. This alerts the tagged person with a notification, letting them know they should take a look at your post.
Why would someone want to buy mentions?
Buying mentions is essentially advertising your post to hundreds to thousands of users, notifying them of your new content.
What is the purpose of using mentions?
Proper use of mentions will attract attention to your post. Not only getting you likes but exposing you to new followers.
Is this method safe?
Yes, it's 100% safe !
Why should you order our gig?
  1. To gain likes and followers and expose your posts to your target market
  2. Get users to click your URL link in your profile
  3. To send users to your platform


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