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TikTok is an excellent platform to promote your music and we have been working with artists to do just that.


We will pitch your sound/song via email  and WhatsApp marketing to active dancers on tiktok and instagram.

We will convince them to record videos and upload on youtube, tik tok and instagram so you will be heard by thousands and possibly millions of people around the world! 

Previous campaign top played videos:

1) 61 Million +
2) 19 Million +
3) 15 Million +

What do your services include?

  • We will convince dancers to make a videos using your song/sound and post it permanently on their TikTok and instagram page.
  • The video will be exposed to my millions of followers and potentially record labels

What do you need from me?

  • Dropbox link to download song
  • Ariste name and track name
  • email to receive replies from dancers


  • Song/sound must be danceable