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We are the Bestseller Market, America's #1 playlist pitching and music promotion company. We are a group of highly skilled music marketing professionals whose mission is to support musicians and record labels. We help expose creative talents and music by connecting independent artists directly with top playlist curators all over the world . We are based in Maryland USA with offices in Miami, Sweden, Los Angeles, mexico, London and New York. We currently work with over 50% of the A-list record labels, Music Publishers and artistes around the world. we have over 20 years experience in hyper-targeted CTA music promotions and we have helped so many A-list record labels earn millions of dollars.

Are you an artist that has been turned down by promoters? Have you spent your life savings trying to promote your music but still not getting the recognition you deserve? Are you still thinking about the best way to make it big in the music industry ? If you are, then you are lucky to be here as our primary mission is to expose your music to the world without the help of any record label or 3rd party promoter. Do you know that music promotions is all about playlist placements? In order to get your music heard in 2019, your music must be placed on spotify and apple music playlists in your genre. The new generation of music lovers barely listen to radio, either because they hate commercials or because they cant wait to skip a track. Spotify and apple music is the new radio.

How does music work in 2019?
1. Create a good memorable song according to mood (Would be nice to target a genre that has lots of listeners like pop, rap, etc)
2. Gets a professional to mix and master the song (don't be cheap! contact for a mixing and mastering custom quote),
3. Get a very dope artwork (dont be cheap!) (contact for CD covers custom quote)
4. Distribute your song and finally send your song to playlist curators authorizing them to add on their playlists. If you don't have their contacts, then get our playlist curators directory. Its that simple.

Best way to promote music

Playlist curators need music everyday and it is your responsibility to pitch your music to them. Imagine your music getting on a big playlist like rap-caviar or new music Friday. We guarantee you that if your music is good and properly mastered, you can get on any big playlist in your genre. Sometimes the only thing you need to do for your music to go viral is send it to the right people. Things must be done properly to see proper results as one bad move can negatively affect 99 good moves. As a musician, You don't just make music for yourself, you make music because you want fans to listen to you. At the end of the day, that means you want your music on playlists. Every month there are millions of artist discoveries and most of these findings come from playlists placements. If your aim is to get on these playlists, then you need to buy our playlist curators directory to contact verified playlist curators. 

We know how expensive it is to hire 3rd party playlist promoters and how difficult it is for a musicians to weed out the fraudulent playlist curators with fake followers.We have heard so many horrible stories on how musicians were ripped off by promoters/curators while some were placed on big playlists without receiving streams. This is so because there are lots of playlists out there with followers but no active listeners. The curators buy followers to rip off unsuspecting musicians. In response to this challenge, we decided to share our inhouse word-wide playlist curators directory. This music promotion tool is priceless to us and we previously sold it for $1500 to select clients but today, we are willing to share for almost free. for a limited time, you can get a copy of bestseller market playlist curators directory for just $60. It's finally your turn to be heard.
You are now one step closer to getting your songs on top official and independent playlists. Imagine all the royalties and possibilities one hit song can generate for you. Dont you think its time to take a step in the right direction ?
1. Our list will get you paid ✓

if your music is not played, you will not get paid. Our list gives you unrestricted access to over 400 official and independent playlist curators from all streaming platforms.

2. Saves you alot of money 

with the bestseller market playlist curators directory, there will be no need for 3rd party promoters which helps you save money. The contacts on our list is 100% verified which helps you avoid scammers.

3. Grow new (real) fans ✓
4. Saves you alot of time 
i guarantee you that our list is not available anywhere on the internet. The method we used to get these contacts are exclusive to us. Our list puts you in the right direction rather than you wasting time chasing the wrong people.
the easiest and guaranteed way to promote your music and get paid is via playlists placements. Question is how will you contact the playlist curators if you dont know who they are or have their contacts? Our list solves that problem for you.

5. Fastest organic method ✓
promoting your music via playlist curators is the fastest organic method to get your music out there. You can ask any body. Spotify and apple music is the new radio. To plug in your song properly, you must go through playlist curators. You need this tool
6. Reoccurring music promotions ✓
helps you create long term relationships with with playlist curators for your future releases.

7. Residual income 
helps you generate residual income via spotify,apple music, deezer and amazon

8. Unsaturated 
our list is not saturated and can never be as it is password protected. Only people with the secret link and password will be able to access our contacts.All the contacts you will get from us are the same email addresses and phone numbers 3rd party promoters send your song to for a large fee. Our automated system also monitors curators job position in music related companies like spotify, apple music and as soon as we notice any update, we also update our spreadsheet. 

9. Ready to import csv spreadsheet format 
our list is perfectly arranged in a csv spreadsheet format ready to import to any email platform
10. Increase your mechanical royalties ✓
anytime your music is streamed, you are automatically owed extra money called mechanical royalty.
Your music + our list = more promotion = more streams = more mechanical royalties.
11. Free music submission links ✓
our list includes submission links where you can submit your music for free
12. Recently updated contacts ✓
latest version: 1.06 (june 2019)
13. All music genres covered ✓
our curators cover all music genres
14. Instant delivery ✓
after payment, your product will be delivered in less than 1 minute
15. Money back guarantee ✓
Order this product and we will send you an excel spreadsheet with recently updated  email addresses, phone numbers and submission links of all top playlist curators from spotify, apple music, pandora, amazon, and other major music outlets. There are over 400 verified contacts on this list. All Music Genres are covered on this list.