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Music promotions is all about playlist placements. To get on these big playlists, you must submit your music to them.
We have a strong network of over 1500+ renowned playlist curators with a combined reach of 100 million active listeners that accept our submissions.
Get your song exposed to 1500+ big spotify and apple music playlists with over 100 million active listeners. Let us spice up your career over night 
  • Let us curate a personalized industry standard pitch for your track.
  • Let us manually submit your track to our network of 1500 renowned playlist curators in your genre. 
  • Open rate 89-97% Not opened? We will send a free reminder
  • All replies will go to your inbox
  • Continuous pitching
  • Get song reviews directly from playlist curators
  • Create lasting relationships with playlist curators
  • Full campaign reports
  • All genres accepted 
  • Worldwide coverage
  • 100% organic

We have direct access to more curators than submit hub and playlist push . Plus we play no games !


We accept content from anyone from established artists to first-time producers. Obviously, we have quality control.
Please submit your track below  👇